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PELCRA Spoken Offline Corpora

PELCRA Spoken Offline Corpora of conversational Polish are available via links in the table below.

Each corpus consists of speech recordings (in WAV format) and word-by-word transcriptions, which also include some non-speech events. The transcriptions are complemented with words and phones annotations (both in EAF format), and, if available, with video content (MP4 format) and PDF transcripts.

Metadata are provided in XML files listing information about the recordings (titles, topics, dates, and URLs), media available (audio, video, pdf), and annotation details (file, date, annotator, place, duration, with additional information about the speakers whenever such data was available). A Document Type Definition specifying the structure of the elements and attributes of an XML document is included in each of the corpora. SQLite database with all the corpora metadata is also available for download.

Most of these offline corpora are indexed in Spokes and Spokes2

All PELCRA spoken offline corpora have altogether about 839 000 words.

corpus description recordings speakers word count link
PELCRA_EMO A corpus of focused interviews (people reflecting upon their emotions). 40 80 252,000 Download
PELCRA_LUZ A corpus of open interviews. 21 42 213,000 Download
PELCRA_EMI A corpus of Polish emmigrants to Scotland. 22 44 96,000 Download
PELCRA_PARL Samples of spoken parliamentary data. 48 241 99,000 Download
PELCRA_YT Samples of Polish YouTubers' videos. 25 106 49,000 Download
MOWA_MIAST A corpus of Polish conversations recorded in the 1980s. 28 103 130,000 Download

The following paper should be cited to fulfill the CC attribution condition of the license for these resources:

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